Pottishaw Trout Fishery
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24th December 2015  
Well another year just about ending and some major changes for Pottishaw are scheduled for 2016 which I will outline once I have the final details.  All that remains is to wish everyone at the fishery and it's regulars a very good Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

12th October201 
Pottishaw is holding a club day on Sunday 25th October.  Cost per head is 20.00.  All money is going towards the new members' cabin, so come along, get some good fishing in and enjoy Rae's not to be missed home cooking.  With the nights drawing in so quickly now and turning quite cold the evening fishing is starting to die away, still fish moving as the light fades but the best of the top water fishing now happening during the hours of daylight with a big variety of insects hatching to keep the fish on the feed.  Watch out particularly for the big browns, this is their time of year and will be feeding hard in preparation for the lean months ahead.
3rd August 2015
The Tam Elder memorial day took place on Saturday 1st August.  Unfortunately although most people ventured out to have a cast in truth the conditions could not have been more against the competitors who faced initially a strengthening wind and later on torrential rain.  Despite that, a handful of fish were caught and with a few drams to toast the event and Rae's excellent spread the day was still deemed to be a success. Some of the participants were staying on to continue the event into the evening with some opting to stay over.
That apart, Pottishaw has continued to fish well despite the summer this year being a bit of a wash out and although we can only hope for better weather conditions next year I suspect that the now all too frequently unpredictable and unseasonable weather is something we may well have to get used to.  
26th July 2015
Tam Elder Memorial Trophy
An annual competition,  this trophy is fished for every year and is to take place this year on Saturday 1st August.  Cost per angler is 25.00 which includes the day's fishing and, as on all such occasions at Pottishaw a sumptuous lunch.  Those of you who have attended the various events at Pottishaw in the past will know that Rae's spreads are not something to be missed.  The trophy goes to the angler with the biggest individual number of fish caught and anglers can if they wish fish on afterwards into the evening.  Contact Fraser for other details if you wish to participate, putting your name down sooner rather than later also allows Fraser and Rae to gauge numbers, particularly from the catering aspect.
21 June 2015
Pottishaw continues to fish very well and there has been no shortage of activity and consequently surface sport to emerger patterns and dries.  While the evenings have suffered from cold winds and therefore lowered temperatures the evening fishing has remained consistently good and quite productive.  There has been a number of very large brown trout caught with some scaling in at over the ten pounds mark.
25th April 2015
Pottishaw is fishing very well at the moment with fish now feeding on the surface and many anglers turning to emergers and dries. Brown trout are showing up regularly in the catches with fish up to 7lbs having recently been taken.  By the same token some big rainbows are also turning up to surface tactics.  This can only improve as the season progresses and the water and air temperatures gradually rise.  Please note though that for consistent surface sport flies need to be small, very small.
Club Day  
Pottishaw will be holding a club day on Sunday 3rd May.  Cost will be 20.00 per head, this is for the day's fishing plus curry and ice cream.  As always this will be a good day out with plenty of craic and given decent weather conditions should also result in some good sport, watch out for the new influx of brownies.  Please indicate to Fraser as early as possible whether or not you are attending, this is necessary to gauge expected numbers on the day.  With the current very warm spell there should be fish now feeding on the surface and with water temperatures rising there will be plenty evidence that aquatic insects, particularly big black buzzers will start to hatch regularly.  Pottishaw fish are not shy when it comes to surface feeding when the opportunity arises.
Opening day  
Pottshaw opens this year on Saturday 14th March.  There will be an opening day bash, all welcome,cost 20.00, this is for the day's fishing plus breakfast and then,if previous years are anything to go by a sumptious lunch.  It will be a good day out, plenty of craic, food and fish.
4th January 2015  
Best wishes to all the regulars and visitors for 2015.  Well another season looming ahead, I shall publish the opening date once I get confirmation and of course this year's prices and conditions.
18th November 
Saturday 15th was closing day with an informal gathering of regulars trying their hand at a last day trout.  Initially and for most of the morning the weather was not the best for trout fishing with a flat calm and mist rolling in.  As a result there was nothing hatching and very few fish appeared at the surface.  That did not however stop fish from being caught and plenty were taken on lures and in some cases intermediate lines though to be honest the trout were not really deep enough to need anything but a floating line and longish leader.  As it turned out most of the fish were well within casting range of the bank and in many cases were only three or four rod lengths out.  As the day wore on the mist cleared and the sun finally got through but still no useful wind to speak of.  Apart from a few hardy individuals there were not many who went back out after lunchtime, testament to Rae's excellent spread which was of course it's usual very high standard with several choices of each course being offered.  That's it now until next year for visitors at least, season ticket holders can of course fish right through although one is likely to find oneself sharing the water with the winter pike fishers, at least at the weekends.
Next season's prices and details will be published here although Fraser can be contacted at any time regarding season ticket prices and availability.
A big thanks from Fraser and Rae to all who turned out and made it a great day.

27th October  
Closing day this year will be Saturday 15th November.
There will be a closing day bash/competition, details from Fraser if anyone would like to participate.  Going by previous similar events it won't matter too much what the weather and fishing brings, Rae's excellent spread of home-made fare will in itself be worth the trip.  As for the fishing of late the surface activity has began to gradually decline as hatches and weather change.  Having said that, on the sunnier and drier days fish have been showing and catches have been fairly regular.  Other than that fish are being caught on lures and fry patterns.  With trout feeding heavily on sticklebacks anything that imitates dead or crippled fry is likely to meet with some success.
28th September 
With air and water temperatures having dropped over the last 4 or 5 weeks surface feeding has become more and more consistent and trout are now falling regularly to shuttlecocks, klinkhammers and of course buzzers.  There has also been a noticeable increase in the incidence of fry feeding and as well as the rainbows there have been some substantial brown trout seen harrassing shoals of fry in the shallows.  Those anglers taking advantage of such activity will find increasing opportunities to connect to some very strong and hefty trout.  The evening rise is still taking place although with dusk now falling earlier it is of a shorter duration though still quite intensive when it is happening.  Once again it is emerger and buzzer patterns which are proving successful.
31st August  
Both air and water temperatures have over the course of this month dropped  by a fair amount and as a result trout are now feeding regularly on the surface.  Midges, Daddies and sedges are all accounting for fish as well as fry imitating patterns.  With the increased activity of fish it now looks like the back end will fare well and September and October should prove fruitful months for Pottishaw's anglers. 
2nd August  
Tam Elder Trophy.  
                             The trophy was fished for today in what could only be described as grim weather conditions.  Persistant heavy rain and a gusty wind from the east did not make for particularly good conditions and certainly not for surface fishing.  That said, there was a band of hardy souls who ventured out and with a few fish showing here and there some were caught with Ed winning the competition having taken his fish on a Yellow Owl fished dry.  The wet weather turned decidedly wetter in the afternoon and only a few went down for another try.  As always Ray's spread was unparalleld and if truth be told everyone had been so well fed that most, rather than go back out in the heavy rain were keener to find somewhere to have forty winks.  How many went home and managed their dinner I wouldn't want to hazard a guess. 
However every cloud has a silver lining so they say and to be fair the rain was badly needed to bring water temperatures down and freshen things up.  Fish are already showing signs of a return to surface feeding and catches should now begin to improve for those who really don't like the monotony of pulling lures on sinking lines.
20th July 
Those who have persevered with surface and emerger patterns have found the fishing difficult to say the least, bright sunshine and high water temperatures have discouraged fish from feeding in the surface layers.  The water temperatures have just been too high for fish to spend any length of time there.  A different story however for anglers who have gone deep with intermediates and various densities of sinking lines.  In such cases trout are being picked up on damsels and buzzers with sombre-hued lures also accounting for successes.  Evenings have only seen a drop in air temperature, the water has remained too warm to allow for any kind of evening rise so the deep fishing anglers are also scoring better at night.  Still, this spell of hot and bright weather can't go on indefinitely and when it does break I expect that trout will very quickly resume surface feeding.  Next month should see the big sedges making an appearance, albeit somewhat behind schedule and of course the daddy longlegs will also be around in increasing numbers.The trout will quickly take advantage of this late season bonanza and anglers should not be slow to grab the chance of some good surface fishing.
For those who may wish to take part, the annual competition for the Tam Elder Trophy will take place on Saturday 2nd of August.  Cost for entrants is 20.00 which is for the day's fishing ( 9am - 5pm ) and also includes what will be a sumptuous meal.If anyone would like to take part in this then names are still being taken, contact Fraser for more details.

22nd June  
Not a great deal to report for the main part of this year's spring, the weather has not been conducive to trout fishing but having said that the catches have stayed fairly steady despite the main buzzer hatches being a bit later than normal and for the last fortnight very bright and hot conditions slowing things down somewhat.  Early morning or late evening seem to be  the times to concentrate one's efforts on when water temperatures have cooled a bit therefore encouraging fish to be more active.  For those who have been successful it has been the usual standby patterns such as shuttlecocks, F- flies and klinkhammers which have produced results, not surprising really since Pottishaw is an excellent top of the water venue.  On the brightest of days lures fished on intermediate lines have been taking fish but mainly only to those who have been willing to persevere in these conditions.
These dry hot days won't last much longer I'm sure and when the weather does break there should be a noticeable increase in surface activity by trout and I would expect catches to increase considerably. 
6th April
Although the cold winds are still much in evidence and there are still some wet weather days trout are starting to feed in earnest.  Each day brings new hatches of midges allowing anglers to target fish with emerger patterns since the trout are now also feeding on the surface on the warmer, quieter spells.  Buzzer patterns will of course take a lot of fish sub surface and at depth but there is now the likelihood of a spell of surface feeding around the middle of the day.  I think I can cautiously say that winter is now behind us and it is now time to look forward to warmer days and better angling conditions. Please remember that if you photograph your fish prior to release then by sending the photo to the email address at the top of the page I can get it published either here or in the gallery for all to drool over.
16th March
Yesterday saw the official opening of Pottishaw's 2014 season with around 17 rods turning out in what could only be described as less than ideal conditions.  To be fair unlike last year when fishing was done during heavy snowfalls the day was dry but the strong wind did not do anyone any favours although despite that there were still successes and 67 fish were caught over the course of the day.  A mixture of patterns did the job with lures and bloodworm patterns proving successful.  The cold water conditions meant that the trout were generally to be found well down but were certainly feeding as the catches to bloodworm patterns proved and given that there is always a good head of fish very close in at Pottishaw there was really no need to cast to the horizon, indeed dropping the flies a couple of rod lengths out was all that was required for success.   As always Rae put on an excellent spread and everyone went away having been well watered, well fed and having had a thoroughly enjoyable day out.  Hopefully the weather will now begin to change for the better, a spell of settled conditions with a bit of sun and more favourable winds will see trout starting to feed in earnest giving anglers more opportunities for surface fishing.
February 23rd
Pottishaw will open for the new season's trout fishing on Saturday 15th March  With any luck we will have seen a change to more settled and hopefully warmer and drier weather.  At least it doesn't look like the opening day anglers will be fishing in heavy snowfall as happened last year. 
January 2014.
                      Well the new season is just around the corner, opening day to be decided and will be very much weather dependant but so far the winter has been relatively mild which should augur well for the start.  Water temperatures have so far been unseasonably high which is good news for those who don't like trawling lures early on and there should be good prospects for sport with buzzers and on days of good sunshine perhaps opportunities for surface fishing with the usual suspects, emerger patterns such as klinkhammers and shuttlecocks mainly in black.  Fish are also likely to be in excellent condition, those hardy souls who have been venturing out over the winter so far have enjoyed fairly steady catches with feeding fish in evidence onall but the coldest of days.
Opening date will be published here as soon as I have it.