Pottishaw Trout Fishery
The Sportsman's Choice

Established in 2004, Pottishaw is a family run fly only brown and rainbow trout fishery operating on a policy of 100% catch and release.  Unlike most small water fisheries it does not have an array of platforms.  The banks have been left in their natural state as much as possible and this is taken advantage of by the fish which are very often to be found feeding practically at your feet.  The catch and release policy coupled with abundant natural feeding allows fish to thrive here which results in trout which are in excellent, hard fighting condition and which fight long and hard when hooked. The almost oval shape of Pottishaw ensures that wind direction is never a problem, a big advantage for novices or less experienced casters.

A variety of natural food items occur, prolific midge hatches, damsel and alder fly plus corixa and daddy longlegs. Also in abundance are sedges and of course shoals of sticklebacks. In addition to the stocked brown and rainbow trout Pottishaw has self sustaining populations of pike and perch, with perch running to 3lbs+ and pike to double figures with fish of 20lbs and more occurring regularly in catches.  Fishing for pike and perch is also permitted. 
Generally speaking, small flies do best here, with buzzers in black, lime green, olive and red being productive with pheasant tail and hare's ear nymphs also regular fish catching patterns. For top of the water tactics klinkhammers, F-flies, shuttlecocks and various other emerger patterns do well, not forgetting sedges and daddy longlegs imitations when they make their seasonal appearance. Evening fishing is particularly good. A selection of the most popular patterns can be purchased from the fishery.

How to find us
Coming from Edinburgh go onto the M8, exit at Jct. 4 onto the A801.  Carry on round the roundabout ( 3rd exit) and under the bridge bearing left to the next roundabout. Go over this and up the rise (ignore the minor road on the left signposted Pottishaw) until the next roundabout then left onto the A706.  Carry on down the straight and the fishery is on the left just past a layby.